CBD DNA Test Kit

What Is CBD DNA Test Kit and How Does It Work?

The demand for CBD products is increasing every day as marketers are introducing innovative product additions that widen the product lists. However, with the growing demand, one common question is also surfacing, which is – what is the standard way of taking CBD for improving health? Predicting the right dose has become as essential as buying the right quality products. To solve the issue, CBD DNA Test Kit was introduced by various biotechnology-based research companies.

People have no option to determine which dosage and delivery mechanism are the best for their health. This lack of information in the CBD industry forces consumers to opt for trial and error methods for deciding the right amount of CBD. However, the process is time-consuming and causes harm to the health. Besides, it does not describe drug interaction factors when taking CBD with other prescription drugs. The CBD DNA test kit is a well-researched tool that helps users identify details about the use of CBD products.
What is CBD DNA Test Kit?

The CBD DNA Test Kit tells you how your body responds to CBD and other cannabinoids. Using the pharmacogenetics testing, the test kit reveals some important details regarding your CBD usage, primarily the ratio, dosage, and mode of delivery. The test kit has proven a significant tool if you are planning to try cannabinoid products since it tells about the variations in genetic makeup and their interaction with cannabinoids. The test kit empowers consumers to take a more informed decision while choosing CBD products for health.

How does it work?
CBD DNA Test Kit considers a few factors, including metabolic enzymes, receptors, and signalling, to prepare the individual result regarding the use of cannabinoids.
With the test kit, you will learn about a few things, including:

• Your genetic expression
• Your metabolic function
• Drug interactions
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Three different fields that the test kit concentrates on
• Ratio (CBD: THC): the report discusses the best ratio between CBD and THC, which works perfectly with your genetic makeup, causing no harm to your health.
• Dosage: it describes the right dosage for your health, depending on the above ratio.
• Mode of delivery: cannabinoid products are available in a wide variety and forms, so the report will tell you which mode of delivery will give you the maximum benefits.
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CBD DNA Test for health and wellness
The test result will unveil some important factors that arm you with better knowledge of using CBD for different health issues like stress, sleep, pain, metabolism, and more. For every health problem, you will get the ratio and dosage so that the use of cannabinoids has positive effects on your health.

For stress and anxiety
With the test kit, you will learn about how your genetics are responsible for causing stress and anxiety by revealing the triggering factors. It also suggests the cannabinoids ratio for reducing the feeling of stress and anxiety. Considering your weight profile and genetic makeup, the dosage will be recommended for you. (https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/new-coastal-group-debuts-breakthrough-dna-test-that-identifies-the-optimal-cbd-products-for-every-individual-301007976.html)

For sleep
The test kit will educate you about whether the use of cannabinoids has any interference with your sleep. It recommends the dosage as per your genetic makeup that you can use to enhance your sleeping quality. (Source: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/new-coastal-group-debuts-breakthrough-dna-test-that-identifies-the-optimal-cbd-products-for-every-individual-301007976.html)

For pain
It describes the intensity level of your pain sensitivity and suggests the best dosage protocol, analysing your health. (Source: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/new-coastal-group-debuts-breakthrough-dna-test-that-identifies-the-optimal-cbd-products-for-every-individual-301007976.html)

It tells you the best way of taking cannabinoid that enhances your overall health.
The report further discusses some important areas of your health that may be helpful to avoid drug dependence and other problems. (Source: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/new-coastal-group-debuts-breakthrough-dna-test-that-identifies-the-optimal-cbd-products-for-every-individual-301007976.html)

• Your genetic profile and the risk of dependence.
• The recent research on dependence regarding your genetic profile.
• Low-risk options for you, which you can discuss with your physician.
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Cognitive functions
• Cannabinoids to avoid when you have issues with your cognitive functions.
• Genetics and memory impairment.
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No matter what the test result denotes, you must consult with a medical professional to know whether it is safe for your health. The details and information crafted here are for your knowledge purpose, and you should not take it as medical advice.

How to start the testing process
With MaxCBD Wellness, the testing process follows three simple steps, and they are:
1. Place your order: after receiving your kit, you must visit greenwaydna.com for the activation process. Insert details there as per the instructions on the website.
2. Collect your sample: you will receive a collection tube for collecting your saliva. Place the tube in the prepared box and send us.
3. Get your result: you will get the individual report and suggested dosage within 2 to 4 weeks.
How does our test kit work?

MaxCBD Wellness partnered with GreenWay DNA, a pioneering name in the field of the endocannabinoid DNA test. Every test is certified through the US labs, namely CLIA and CAP for genetic testing. The report we generate after the test process has two sections – the first part is for your quick understanding of the details, and the second part provides more detailed knowledge with scientific discussions. At MaxCBD Wellness, you will get personalized test results with a recommendation card that you can carry easily in your wallet whenever you are buying a CBD product. The card carries dosage information for different health issues, like pain, insomnia, or anxiety.
Understanding the right dose and the proper way of CBD products is essential for your health. To eliminate the guessing works, MaxCBD Wellness offers a CBD DNA testing kit that helps you know the right dosage and the best in-take process for different CBD products.

MaxCBD Wellness has established an unparalleled reputation in the CBD industry by offering quality CBD products, maintaining the supreme standard for CBD extraction and production. Our in-depth research on CBD and its health benefits helped us introduce a unique product line to the users.
With the CBD DNA testing kit, we extended the right help to our users for choosing quality CBD products. It provides people with the right knowledge about the dosage, cannabinoids ratio, and way of using the product. We help people make an informed decision when they buy CBD products online from us.