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    Effective: MAXCBD Wellness has created a special unique formula with a combination of hemp-derived pure CBD, natural plant extracts, and pure peppermint crystals to give you effective results using nature’s wisdom.

    Pain Relief: Post-activity or chronic pain can be a bargain to carry and interfere with daily activities. Once applied to the painful area, MaxCBD CBD Pain Relief Cream is quickly absorbed into the skin, peppermint crystals give an immediate cooling effect, and CBD starts to work its magic.

    Highly Potent Product: The MaxCBD 1000mg CBD Pain Relief Cream is one of the most highly concentrated, verified topical products. As doctors suggest, lower than 300mg CBD in cream is not effective against arthritis, inflammation, or joint pain. The maximum strength of CBD in this product not only will relieve your pain but will provide you with lasting results.

    The Highest Quality Ingredients: Careful growing process avoids GMO’s, funghi, and pesticides. All of our products are extracted using the purest, cleanest, and most natural hemp extraction methods. Additionally, our facilities stand in the most restricted quality standards according to the USA law. The end result is quite simply the highest quality full-spectrum hemp-derived oil that contains no solvents, no heavy metals, and no pesticides.

    Independently Tested: All claims on quality and purity have been verified by an independent laboratory.

    Safe: This Hemp infused highly concentrated CBD Pain Relief Cream has no known side effects, removes irritation, and can be used daily.

    MaxCBD Wellness 1000mg CBD pain relief cream has helped thousands of our customers to fight inflammation and manage pain.  It’s a difference you’ll truly feel!

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